What we proudly do here at HMM WELLNESS is take a holistic approach in curating a brand. We help you make a full-fledged brand out of even a faint vision. We sit with you & find a USP and the right story for your brand. We develop it with all quality measures in our private lab in Delhi, India. We then create your dream brand, how it looks, how it feels. We have witnessed clients feeling their product come to life & seeing it expand on shelves in the global market.

Our Founder, Ms. Malvinder Kaur, curates an overall journey for you. A process where you get to experience the birth of your dream brand. Right from conceptualization, Pre-production to Marketing & Branding, assistance in Team Expansion to Sales & even After Sales, it is a one-stop destination to witness that birth in the truest sense.

The exposure and experience of Ms Malvinder, has been around the globe networking with Manufacturers, Service Providers, Strategists, and Cosmetic Experts. Just like the organic and natural superfood for skin & body that she has mastered over the decade, she has compiled her experience, learnings, insights, global supplier and distribution network. From developing a pathbreaking tracking device with Malaysia’s national automotive company to venturing into the health and beauty industry, and pet care and wellness products.

We are a team of trusted experts here at HMM WELLNESS that she chose & we became a part of her family because we trust in her knowledge & her vision. We have learned and grown a lot on this journey together. We hope you, we and your brand reach the world together under the guidance of our visionary leader.

The Brains

I'm Malvinder Kaur. Let me take pride in introducing myself as an acknowledged Professional and a resilient entrepreneur. A woman with an optimistic mindset, experience, knowledge, and willpower. My passion for my work is what keeps me going. Digging to the roots, I am from Malaysia, a country that is multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and still believes that love and respect is the essence of life. Here, I completed my education and went on to India to further continue the cycle of learning. My home country being a place where I started putting my steps forward in building up my career which gave me an advantage of gaining a never ending International exposure and helped me become more confident which eventually helped me in cultivating the "Never Give Up" attitude due to which I persevere whatever I take up. Being multilingual has been an added advantage for me to break the language barrier and connect freely with my clients and vendors around the globe. I have a good command over English, Hindi, Malay, Mandarin, Punjabi, Cantonese, Tamil and am now learning Spanish.


At HMM Wellness, concepts are our driving force. There are several unique concepts that have brought us credibility, recognition, and enough revenue to proudly call ourselves a success:

Ayurveda / Natural
We have developed multiple skin and hair care products from scratch. We researched the age-old art of Ayurveda and combined it with my knowledge in the field of cosmetics and branding to give it a new avatar to launch in the sea of the international markets.

Organic Re-branding of a Cosmetic Brand
Re-launched a brand from India running in losses and gave it the concept of The Taste-able Cosmetics.

R & D

Our team of expert chemists works closely with the brand owner’s chemist to improvise efficacy and claims as per regulations and certifications.

We suggest new concepts and recognize the needs and demands for new products to suit the market segments.

The most crucial for us is the Cosmetic Clinical Trials. If the manufacturer fails to provide safety certifications, we make sure to get them closely tested at our end.

Testing & Certification


Product samples are tested using different methods highlighting the presence of bacteria, fungi, or yeast. The sample is also submitted to a Challenge Test, also known as Preservative Effectiveness Test (PET), in order to identify the risk of harmful microorganisms' growth

Other tests:

  • HUT (Home user test)
  • Stability Test
  • Total Heavy Metals Content
  • Microbial Contamination
  • 1,4-Dioxane
  • Free Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • N-nitrosodiethanol-amine (NDELA)
  • Ingredient/ Labeling Review
  • Safety Assessment
  • Heavy Metals in Packaging

A certification on a cosmetic product shows that the claims made on the labels are justified.
Various certificates available include:

  • GMP
  • ISO
  • ORGANIC, etc…


Our teams ensure to source the right packaging material for the products involved. This is a careful stage to ensure the product's durability, consumer safety, and brand name.

We source our raw materials from the best and most trusted group of vendors. We assist companies in effecting more efficient sourcing processes to save costs and maximize profitability. We negotiate with suppliers to obtain goods, materials, and services at the best prices by using strategic sourcing strategies and extensive knowledge of their commodity industry.

On-going trends are also considered to align the brand packaging with its time and even to carefully place it ahead of its time.


Designing is all about curating the logo that can become the face of the brand, labels, and packaging that complete the product, and an overall brand outlook that speaks the language of the minds behind it and reflects the soul of the company.

Brand Architecture
Creative Branding
Packaging & Labeling

Content Creation

I have a full-fledged team of content creators, well versed in multiple aesthetics, visual trends, and technical aspects of content creation. We believe in taking every potential customer through a visual and verbal story of the experience that we have to offer.


After the framework is approved by the brand owners, we head towards an intense stage of manufacturing. The diversity of the manufacturing range can be sensed from our journey with Cosmetofood Organics. We managed to launch the following product segments in the span of 16 months:

Trendy and glam Phyto extract-based products
An organic home care treatment range
Later expanded into Hotel Toiletries as well.
Another example is how we introduced a range of fresh crushed herbs and vegetables under the bio GLAM in 2019.

Brand successes like these led us to third-party manufacturing for giants like Hindustan Unilever (HUL), NYKAA, SHOPPER STOP, PURPLLE, and numerous local brands. For such projects to take off, the entire manufacturing unit had to be thoroughly restructured to match up to their strict standards. We are fortunate to have smoothly upscaled to suit the expanding demands.

Digital Marketing / Influencer Marketing

We strategize and execute content creation according to marketing strategies, sales & marketing collaterals, website creation, social media management both in-house and with third-party agencies, influencer marketing, and PR.

We are a team that believes in constantly upgrading, we bring advertising strategies, marketing tactics, influencer networks, and overall digital marketing theories from across the globe.

A great experience in this segment was launching Mumbai-based Bollywood celebrity make-up artist Rohit Singh and hairstylist Mahesh on international platforms.

Another striking use of digital networking was sponsoring beauty pageants such as Queen of Bollywood and Mrs. Singapore. It turned out to be beneficial for both the cosmetic brands I was then leading and the make-up stream I launched, promoting each other mutually. This is how I help even competitor brands benefit from each other.

Marketing & Branding


We use robust marketing funnels to market to our clients. A striking example was how the distribution of an Ayurveda client started in Malaysia and we solely expanded it eventually to Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, and the UK within a year.
I precisely use the global offline networking of exhibitions. I enroll brands in the International exhibitions are held on platforms across the world including Kuala Lumpur, Dubai. Cosmetofood, for example, gained recognition through various national and international exhibitions which resulted in an unthinkable brand boost.


I gained recognition for my excellence in re-branding a brand to fit in the International market. Every step in the journey towards fitting the brand in the international market, especially in areas of product quality, efficacy, content, look & feel matters as much to us as to the brand owner.

I took up the challenge of relaunching a failed brand - APS COSMETOFOOD in India and the International market when the manufacturer was contemplating I relaunched by revamping the brand with a whole new range of products under COSMETOFOOD ORGANICS - The Tastable Cosmetics. The whole face of the brand was changed from APS Cosmetofood to Cosmetofood Organics.

Attention was paid to every detail to fit the brand in the current global market such as the Brand name, Concept fine-tuning & enhancement, and creative branding strategies. Each product was designed according to the skin problem solution based.

After Sales

Listing and scaling on multiple E-commerce platforms, offline sales management, customer Crisis handling, and other after-sales services are as crucial for us as the building of the brand. What most companies don’t realize is that this can make or break your company's reputation and growth pattern.

Hindustan Unilever Company
Aryanveda Cosmeceuticals, India
Aryanveda Salons (Launched across Malaysia)
Naturic, UK (Organic skincare range)
Hemangini, Italy (Premium Ayurvedic Range)

Post-pandemic work has been all about further exploring the organic sphere with my evolving knowledge of natural substances. We had a great start to the year with the setting up of a cosmetic manufacturing facility for a client in Karnataka, India. It became a big advantage for us in the manufacturing department as it gave us the right resources and expertise in finding the right methods for our clients.

A significantly enriching experience was exploring cosmetics for the animal industry over the year 2022. We developed organic cosmetics for animals for a new client based in Singapore. This brand will majorly be sold across the US, Canada, and UK markets. It was interesting to find formulations for unique products like paw creams for dogs and cats. We also developed wholesome human-grade pet food with them. It was a challenging domain for us but surely a new achievement that we as a team are very proud of.

Nutraceuticals was another exciting sphere for us that welcomed us to 2021. It was a thrilling experience building the brand - Chiiqa for our new client in Malaysia. Developing totally safe, natural, and effective health and beauty products that can be consumed and applied was a revolutionary phase for me altogether. Superfood for the skin sure can be a game-changer for the global cosmetic industry that HMM Wellness is now a part of.

Being a one-stop agency for Conceptualising, Manufacturing, Branding, Marketing, & Distribution, we ensure to extend our resources to our clients as well. HMM Wellness is all about promoting green earth concepts and we encourage all our clients to be as nature-friendly as possible. Researched new nature-friendly packaging materials and tied up with a new concept to introduce an innovative kind of biodegradable packaging. When planted in the soil, the packaging naturally decomposes in 45 days. After all, it is the responsibility of any aware company to keep its burdens on nature in check.

The pandemic gave us the time to come back stronger. I was able to tap again into our dense network around the globe and make it even more robust. With manufacturers, service providers, inventors, and strategists we have been able to not only offer but ensure an unthinkable reach to all our clients and their new brands curated with us.

With our team of experts and our collective experiences in various diverse industries, our strong network of connections, our exhibitions around the globe, and our working with such diverse brands, we have managed to build an experience of building your dream brand, right here at HMM Wellness.

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